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Tailhunter frequently asked questions

1. What if I don't speak English?
No problem, amigo. Many folks speak "Span-glish" which is a great mix of Spanish and English. Universal words such as "Please" and "Thank You" go far in any language.

2. Can I use U.S. dollars?
U.S. currency is welcome and you need not exchange money before coming. Small bills under $20 ...especially lots of 1's and 5's are handy and great for everyday purchases. Try not to use your credit card unless you absolutely must because it will cost more when you finally get your bill later due to the exchange rates. Keep it handy for an emergency.

3. How about my paperwork?
You need a passport to travel to any North American destination. Don't wait until the last minute! It's not difficult to get a passport, but can take several months.

Follow this link for more information:

4. Can I drink the water?
Sure, drink the water. Eat the vegetables! Just watch out if you overdo it on the tequila! Bottled water is in abundance and all the major hotels and restaurants have drinkable tap water and ice. La Paz is quite a modern city. You will probably find everything from Evian to Perrier here.

5. Groceries and Amenities in La Paz?
As a modern city, being the capital of the state and the home of the university, La Paz has everything from medical to dental facilities and anything from your favorite brand of beer or potato chips can be bought in our grocery stores. We are famous for our seafood, steaks and of course REAL Baja-style cuisine. But, we also have some darned great Italian, French, and yes... even Chinese food as well as fast food... if you really must!

6. Are tourists, families and kids safe?
When was the last time you left your car or house unlocked in your own home town at night? We do! Bring your common sense, but the crime rate in La Paz is incredibly low. Our police ride bycyles and the town is extremely family-oriented rather than adult-oriented. Bring your smile. I'ts pretty common in La Paz.

The U.S. State Department has announced that the state of Southern Baja (Baja Sur), including the capital city of La Paz is NOT on any danger list to tourists and has re-affirmed it’s safety for tourism.

7. What about fishing licenses?
The Mexican government no longer prints paper fishing license that we can sell. However, they are easily obtained online right here: bajasursportfishing.com. Everyone on board a vessel where others are fishing MUST have the correct fishing permits and a valid picture i.d. and we cannot permit you aboard our boats without a license as penalties are stiff.

8. What about my fish?
We encourage C.P.R. (Catch - Photo - Release), but you're welcome to take home fresh fish within limits or have some deliciously cooked up at your hotel or any restaurant. It's great. Bring a small ice chest (20-40 qt) and some zip lock style bags and some duct tape. "Remember there are no more restrictive weight limits on flights and a 40 quart ice chest when filled with frozen fillets weighs just about 50 pounds." Your captain will happily clean your fish and it will be frozen in the hotel freezers until you are ready to take it home.

9. Can Tailhunter process my fish for me?
Yes, for a small fee, we do offer vacuum sealing services to trim, label and freeze your catch so you can take it home either in your own ice chest or purchase one from us. Ask us about this service.

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Packing for your Baja adventure

    Rule 1 - Keep It Simple
Rule 2 - When In Doubt, You Probably Don't Need It
Rule 3 - Refer To Rule 1 & 2

Remember, La Paz is mostly a tropical place with a dry climate which explains all the desert we have! Daytime temps range from the high 60's in the winter to occasionally 100 in the summer. (But it's a "dry heat!") Dress accordingly. Our hottest month is July, but your most humid month is August, but these are also two of our busiest months.

You can get away with shorts and t-shirts full time in La Paz. Socks are considered formal wear and slacks are for funerals, weddings and church! Everything is casual. Flip flops or tennis shoes are the footwear of choice. If you will be on the water, bring a sweatshirt or windbreaker just-in-case, but otherwise pack light. Anything you forget, you can probably get it here in La Paz.

general packing tips for Baja

Pack your fishing rods in plastic tubes. Wrap them in towels or clothes or something to pad them.

Bring zip lock bags for fish and duct tape. "We recommend freezer style 1 gallon size bags."

Bring an ice chest (20-40 quart) is about right to bring home fish. "When a 40 quart ice chest is filled with frozen fillets, it weighs just about 50 pounds which is the limit of most airlines. Remember that newer ice chests with wheels or thicker insulation walls weigh more too!" As an alternative and to save weight and money, the newer airline approved soft-sided chests are great and will hold your fish frozen for days.  They are a great investment.  Here’s a sample:  http://www.aocoolers.com/  The 36 pack is about right.

Most international airlines allow two check-in bags of less than 50 pounds each. Rod tubes must be less than 8 feet long. You can carry-on two smaller bags on most airlines. I suggest you put your clothes in a soft duffle bag that goes in your empty cooler. When you go home, hopefully with fish, put the fish in the ice chest. Your duffle bag now becomes a carry-on bag! Check with your airline. Most charge now for the 2nd bag. Some charge for rod tubes. Others do not. There are extra charges for oversize and overweight so check first.

Bring locks for your baggage!

Don't forget your passport or other ID. Make copies and pack them in a separate place in case you lose the original on your trip.

Don't forget your medications and other important personal items. Pack for a few extra days in case of emergency. Bring insurance cards too.

If you are traveling with a child under 18, and you are the only parent traveling, get a notarized note from the other parent allowing you to travel with the youngster but also giving you the power to make medical decisions if necessary.

Pack your passport, ID, money, medications in your carry-on luggage. Do NOT send it to be checked in. If your suitcase goes to Paris accidentally, you'll be having a hard time in Mexico.

Remember that domestic flights (flights that originate and end in the same country) usually allow less baggage, so check with your air carrier. For example that flight you're taking from Chicago to Los Angeles will allow less luggage than the international flight from Los Angeles to La Paz. The amount is almost half of what you can bring on the international flight.

Travel Insurance Strongly Suggested
We strongly advise all travelers and of course all our guests to research and then purchase Trip Insurance Policies such as that offered by Lonely Planet or The Travel Insurance Center and  Global Rescue or Sky Med that will assist with reimbursements and transportation caused by cancellations before and during your vacation due to a variety of reasons including airlines, medical emergencies as well as weather events which are typically non-refundable situations.



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catch and release

We certainly encourage "catch and release", but you're welcome to catch and keep fish within limits and most of our clients do bring home fish or at least keep enough to have it prepared at their hotel restaurant or one of the other excellent La Paz restaurants. Believe me...

pescado baja sur

baja catch

You're also welcome to give any of your fish to your captain or bringing back fish to hotel staff. Meat is always welcome and NEVER wasted

Taking your fish home
Most of our clients bring fish home. If you'd like to do so, bring a small ice chest (usually 20-40 quart chests are best and will be fine for the airline weight restrictions). You will also need ziplock style bags and some duct tape. At the end of your day, your captain will be happy to clean your fish as part of our service. Have it filleted, skinned, steaked or gilled and gutted whole. Bag your fish. It will then be brought back to your hotel to be stored in the large freezers until you are ready to leave. Before checking out, retrieve your fish. Pack it in your ice chest. You may want to wrap your dirty fishing clothes around it or some crumbled newspaper for extra insulation. Do not add ice. It's prohibited by the airlines. Duct tape it closed tightly. It will last as long as two days like this.

Bringing your catch to a la paz restuarant
Same procedure as above except bring some of your fish either to your hotel restaurant or any restaurant in town. Our own Tailhunter Restaurant on the Malecon specializes in cooking up your catch in numerous ways with all the fixings! This is a real treat. Nothing more delicious than your own freshly caught fish! Save some leftovers and grab extra tortillas and bring some leftovers out on the boat the next day. Tastes great!!

Process your Tailhunter catch
For a nominal fee, Tailhunter also offers vacuum sealing services. We will custom trim, cut, label, date then commercially vacuum seal your fish for better storage and transporation! We also offer fish smoking services during the season.


professional gamefish taxidermy mounting services
If you'd like to capture the moment and the fish-of-a-lifetime from your La Paz fishing adventure, we can have an incredible fish mount crafted and delivered right to your home or office. We don't even need the exact fish. If you have a good photo or even a great description, our taxidermy artist will get you set up with a spectacular fiberglass mount that will help you re-live the moment and be the center of attention and conversation. The work of our artists has been featured in some of the most famous marine and natural history museums in the U.S.; Hollywood; Las Vegas; homes and offices of celebrities; as well as scores of some of the largest seafood chains in the U.S. Money back satisfaction guaranteed.

Ask us for a quote that will surprise you!


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Baja Do's and Don'ts...

Suntan Lotion

(no Banana Boat...)
Bananas are bad luck for fishing!

Small Bills
(1's, 5's, 10's, 20's)

(the kind for your feet!)
Light Windbreaker
or Sweatshirt

(for the mornings or evenings)
Zip Lock Bags
(good for fish or keeping things dry)
Camera / Extra Batteries
Your Paperwork

(and make extra copies and
hide them somewhere else)

Extra Personal Medications
(for extra days longer
than your vacation)

Big Smile!






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