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La Paz sportfishing charters
At Tailhunter International We Emphasize
       Fishing Action, Not Long Days Of Trolling!

grouper fishing baja californiaMost of our fishing is close to shore for even the largest gamefish species and anglers are never out of sight of land.

Our waters around La Paz are generally incredibly calm. In fact, the Sea of Cortez can be calmer than many lakes on some days! Imagine 'World Class Big Game Fishing' where waters can be so clear or sometimes so shallow that you can even see the reefs below and see huge schools of gamefish swimming below your boat… then EXPLODING on your bait as they rip yards of line from your reel!

Tailhunter Baja fishing adventure
Tuna... Dorado... Yellowtail... Sailfish... Pargo... Cabrilla... Amberjack... Marlin... Wahoo... Pompano... Jack Crevalle
and the world-record sized
are among just some of the species
that await your arrival!

baja tuna
Whether you're a veteran, beginner, light tackle or
flyfishing angler,
you've NEVER seen variety like this!

With fishing generally so close to shore; waters so calms and relatively shallow; the majority of our clients prefer to fish where they're close to the action in our fast, comfortable, seaworthy "pangas". These are especially built for Baja sportfishing and for battling the big boys in the Sea of Cortez. Most are 22-24' feet and custom built for your comfort, security and fun.

our fleets fish 2 distinct areas of the sea of cortez
(Like Getting Two Fishing Destinations In One!)

Our LAS ARENAS FLEET fishes the northern East Cape of the Baja Peninsula and Sea of Cortez. This is the legendary area that encompasses southern Cerrlavo Island, Roca Montana, the Dome, the 88 spot, Punta Perrico, Las Arenas Point, the Rock Highway, Boca de Alamo, Muertos Bay and others. This is the same area wherethe world record 114 pound roosterfish was caught and several other world-records have been set.

Our LA PAZ FLEET heads directly north out of La Paz towards the fertile fishing grounds around Espiritu Santo Island, Bonanza Beach, Punta Lobos, Las Cruces, the Charro Bank, Isolotes, La Reina and the legendary El Bajo Seamount. This is dorado and marlin territory when the season starts to rip and big tuna prowl the seamount!

dorado fishing la paz baja

Our fishing itself can't be any easier since most is done with dead or live bait. We normally do not spend a lot of time and hours trolling around looking for fish all day miles from land. Not our style! Pin a bait on a hook and you're ready to go! Because this is uncomplicated fishing that does not require extensive or high-tech gear, most anglers prefer to bring their own tackle, but if not, don't worry!

We have the gear you need to catch fish and to battle the fish of a lifetime perhaps only yards from the beach. It's that easy! If you can hold a rod, you can fish with us! Whether you're a salty hardcore veteran or new to the experience, this is "stand-up" style fun Baja fishing. In the hands of our experienced skippers, kids, families and first-timers can do as well as any seasoned veteran!

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