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We are one of the few places in Baja where we can fish 365 days a year. There are so many species and opportunities that there is always something biting. However things change from season-to-season and month-to-month depending on the conditions, water, air temperature and bait sources.

la paz fishing chart
seasonal baja fishing chart for the sea of cortez

La Paz Baja Fishing Seasons

winter baja fishing season This is Usually December to early April. It's definitely cooler all around, but inshore fishing can be spectacular for species such as cabrilla (seabass), snapper, sierra, bonito, skipjack, jack crevalle and others. Maybe some of the larger pargo and roosterfish and yellowtail also show up.

Much of where we fish and how we fish is dictated by the winter winds that blow from the north. Because of that, most of our winter fishing is with our Las Arenas fleet rather than our La Paz fleet which would have to push north against the winds and it could be pretty bumpy and wet. So, we just keep everyone happier and drier out of Las Arenas. Even though it's winter, we can still get some dorado, marlin and even some tuna. Those are not out of the question!

We have a lot of light tackle anglers fish this time of year!

Spring fishing season in the Baja This is April to Late June and is Characterized by the Most Variety of Fish! If you just want to see how many types of fish you might catch in a day, this is the time. It's not has hot as summer and warmer than winter. Winds start to diminish, but can still be breezy especially in early spring, but get better as it gets warmer.

Early in the spring, we get the inshore species like sierra, jack crevalle, cabrilla, snapper, roosterfish, the big pargo, amberjack, pompano, permit and yellowtail among others. If we start getting some really warmer waters, don't be surprised if the marlin, sailfish, dorado, wahoo and tuna make an appearance. Later May and June would be best for these bluewater species, but that's why there can be so many species to hook... inshore and offshore... a buffet!

Flyfishers start coming in during this time too because of fish schooling up in the shallows like exotic roosterfish and powerful jacks!

summer dorado fishing season Dorado Season! From Late June and All Through the Summer, this is Our Number One Catch! Ranging from 5 pound schoolie fish up to 50 pound bulls, you just never know! These are the fun fish and glamour fish of La Paz. Be ready for long sunny days and blue water! And you can catch these literally in shallow water not far from the beaches!

Other offshore species are here too. Striped marlin and sailfish come close to shore! Wahoo can show up near the island. Amberjack and dog tooth snapper can be found in the rocky areas. Roostefish along the beaches can be world-class 40-90 pound sluggers!

fall fishing in Baja Our Most Popular Time of the Year! It's Late August to November. It's not as hot as summer, but waters stay warm and generally calm. This is the time of year when a lot of the blue water sportfish are here to rip lines! Colorful leaping dorado, hard-charging tuna, exotic roosterfish, all the billfish (sailfish, striped marlin, blue marlin, black marlin), the speedy prized wahoo and the big dog-tooth snapper.

We sell out almost all our dates during the Fall, so book early!


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