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La Paz is famous for seafood
Here's a list of some of my favorite eateries as well as our friends and clients over the years.
You may not find many of these in a travel directory, but the ones listed below have become favorites of ourselves and our clients over the years. You may not see many tourists at some of these places, but that's a great indication of a culinary treasure! Don't be afraid to try something new. If the local "Pazcenos" (La Paz Natives) are lined up there, something good must be cooking!

baja steamed clamsHere's my list in no particular order and any taxi driver can take you:

The Tailhunter Restaurant & Fubar Cantina - Our very own place right on the waterfront with a 3-story view of the bay. Two bars and two restaurants; fish processing facility and mini-super market. We have ice cold beer on tap. 7 screens of TV sports. Juicy burgers and tacos plus we’ll cook up your fresh fish! (click here)

The Buffalo Grill - This is the place where carnivores congregate! Chef Carlos cooks huge Angus cuts of beef, ribs, chicken, shrimp and seafood on mesquite and cedar using marinates and herbs he has grown and concocted himself. You can smell the aroma 2 blocks away! Always wait to eat in the eclectic back courtyard. Carlos is also proud of the best wine cellar in La Paz. Pricey and romantic in the courtyard and very gourmet.

Rancho Viejo - Probably the most popular taco hangout in La Paz, you can't miss this place. Martin the owner is famous for his arrachera (flank steak tacos) and roasted potatoes stuffed with cheese, mushroom and marinated al pastor meat! Only stand open 24 hours and the only taqueria that serves liquor. "This is a favorite place to go at 2 a.m. after the parties before heading back to your hotel!"

fresh cooked baja cuisinePichilingue Restaurant - Worth the little cab ride north of town to a deserted beach. This is like being in a Corona beer commercial. Famous for it's shrimp and clams from it's own clam beds with a sand floor and palapa roof, if you miss the sunset here, you might as well not go. Don't wear shoes and try a pitcher of sangria with those sauteed clams. Bring your catch too! On weekdays closes at dark.

Las Palmas - On the watefront behind La Concha Beach Resort nestled in the palm trees overlooking the water. A new menu and chef have brought in a taste of the exotic to delicious Mexican and America standards, especially for dinner. Sunday brunches and weekend themed buffets are a highlight and often there is live music to compliment their varied menu.

Azul Marino Restaurant - In the new marina at Costa Baja and the Marina Fiesta Inn. Quickly getting discovered and can be quite busy in the evenings. Great waterfront seating overlooking the inner marina. An incredibly eclectic menu of seafood, steaks, cheese, pastas and gourmet pizza. You will not find another menu like this in La Paz. The imaginative menu is so creative it changes constantly!

The Bismarkcito - There's actually two ..the original Bismark in an old neighborhood that was a landmark eatery for years and Bismark Cito on the La Paz waterfront. I don't know why they named a seafood restaurant after a German battleship, but this was the MUST visit place for years in La Paz. Lobster potatoes; paella; seafood soup; imperial shrimp wrapped in bacon and cheese as well as stuffed clams are just some of the menu favorites.

La Fuente - On the waterfront across from the municipal pier, look for the polka-dotted tree. Some have considered this one of the best ice-cream places in the world. Often, there's a line out the door. There's always room for ice cream this good. Even the vanilla is brown because it's made with real vanilla bean! You miss this, you blew it!

la paz good friend, good foodNuevo Pekin - When you just have to have something different, this is pretty good Chinese food. Even our international clients from Taiwan and Hong Kong like to eat at these places! Larger portions than you might be used to!

La Panga - At the Marina Palmira yacht docks. This is the place to go when no one can decide what they want. Lots of variety in the menu and maybe the best table-side Cesar salad in town. Great spot to just watch the waterfront go by.

Cafe Milano - Hidden in an adobe building that has to be over 100 years old, let the chef create something for you or pick from a list of creative pastas. "Probably one of the most creative Italian restaurants in town. Call it Italian fusion. Owners Miguel and his wife Lei are "Muy romantico" with it's soft lights and quiet ambience!

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la paz street food carts
Most of us live daily by eating from street carts and everyone has their favorites! If you see other people lining up, that's your key!

Jonathan´s favorite food carts

Hermanos Gonzalez has every kind of seafood taco you can imagine from scallops to clam and shrimp to lobster and an arsenal of great salads. Everyone knows this place. Open only in the daytime.

Hot Dog Cart - - - ANY hotdog cart! Best hot dog you will ever have. Trust me and try one, but go easy on the chiles and onions. Let them also show you how a REAL burger is made!

Tacos Abraham has the best carnitas (roasted pork) tacos in the city. Try some shredded pork with crushed bits of chicarrons topped with green tomatillo sauce in a corn tortilla!

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