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Jonathan's Tackle List
If You Bring Nothing More Than This,
You'll Be Fine

1. About a 7 foot rod rated somewhere in the 20-50 pound class range with good backbone and somewhat whippy tip. NOT a parabolic stick! To that, attach a Penn 500 or similar reel with 30 pound test line. 40# is OK too. If you bring nothing more than this, you’ll probably be just fine. (In the winter and springtime for fishing inshore for cabrilla, pargo, yellowtail and other species, I prefer green line. The rest of the time, clear, blue, smoke, grey, colored lines are fine.)

2. Terminal tackle: a pack of #2, 4, 1/0/,2/0, 5/0 hooks. A few assorted rubbercore sinkers and torpedo sinkers from ½ oz to 6 oz, but don’t overdo it! One or two Rapalas in blue mackerel; green mackerel, or fire tiger patterns in CD 11 or 14. Special note for pargo/cabrilla: Bomber Lures or the Rapala Shad Raps which have thicker bodies and larger crank lips are especially effective. I like the fire tiger patterns; silver and my favorite is the rainbow trout pattern.

fishing add-ons
(if you really really need to bring more)

1. A Light Trolling Stick or Short 6'- 6 1/5' Foot Meat Stick with a 4/0 Reel or Similar and 40 Pound Test. Again, green line is preferred. This stick will be for light trolling, baitfishing or pulling big fish out of the rocks!

2. A Dark Feather and a Light Tuna Feather: Make sure one of them is a Mean Joe Greene (black/green ) pattern. Manufacturers like Zuker, Ballyhood, Sevenstrand are all good.

3. Some Cabrilla Killers by Rapala or Luhr Jensen: you know the patterns! Fire Tiger, Rainbow Trout or Striper or Metallic Perch. See above.

4. 2 Heavy Jigs for Yo-Yo. Blue chrome is my favorite in something like a 6X Jr. or Tady 4/0 or Ironman or Fire Lure 5 or the heavy Kicker Jigs. If you have some space, the favorite patterns are chrome; blue/chrome; blue/white; all white; scrambled egg; dorado color; mackerel chrome. Also, the larger Krocodile spoons are very effective on schooling fish. Chrome patterns are deadly.

5. 2 Surface / Shallow Jigs: If you like fishing the surface stuff or if fish like dorado are on the surface, slow sinking fluttering jigs with a lot of “swim” such as Kicker Jigs in blue/white or all white are extremely effective. This is also good for tossing at floating weeds.

6. Flurocarbon Line: we have notice that some flurocarbon leader often makes a difference when the fish are touchy. You don't need much. Just a small spool. We recommend some 25, 30 and 40 pound flurocarbon. Show this to your captain!

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If Someone Wants to Go REALLY Light . . . or Surf Fish:
I like 15 pound test on a STURDY bass rod or trigger stick with matching reel. For surf, anything from a heavy trout stick to a regular surf rod is fine. I like fishing with squid or piece of fish on a hook or, my favorite is throwing a Krocodile. . . as long as it has chrome in it.


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