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"The Cabin Fever Classic 2008 was our first trip with Tailhunter International. Three days of off the hook fishing, we caught 11 different species. Great friends, can’t remember how many new friends we made. Outstanding hospitality, incredible food, over the top service all provided by Jonathan and his staff. We’ll be back next year for Cabin Fever Classic 2009 for sure, but we think we will need to come again this summer for wahoo, tuna, and sails. Thanks Jonathan!"

   The Evans Brothers – Irvine CA / La Paz Mexico

"I have to thank you for all the hard work you put into our holiday. Not only did you organize some great fishing, but the personal touch with arranging everything was beyond our expectations."

   Wayne Moss - Vancouver,Canada - Fishing Lodge Manager

(On Whale Watching) "The whale watching tour to Mag Bay was GREAT. We were able to get so close to the gray whales and their calvles, that we got spray on us when they surfaced. "

   Perry Coy - Chandler AZ

"To hear that some boats in other fleets had not caught a thing was sad, but made us feel like we got the best boat and captain that there was. Thanks again, for being so responsive, informative, and just plain nice."

   Steve and Megan O'Rourke

"Because there is a countless number of Baja species, you can count on me coming down for many years to come! Thanks again for a great trip."

   Shawn Sullivan - Attorney Newburgh IN

"I have fished all over the United States, Mexico, Costa Rica and the Caribbean. I compare your services as a benchmark against all others. Jonathan, you put me on the fish while keeping it all fun, simple and fair priced. "

   John Bolton - Arroyo Grande CA

"Jonathon Roldan is the international ambassador to a wonderful experience in La Paz."

   Chris Silva - Riverside CA

"Thanks for the fantastic trip! Your help and organization made things run flawlessly for my best trip ever. We'll be back!"

   Rabbi Shelton Donnell - Israel

"We had a blast! This was my 4th La Paz trip, but the 1st trip for my wife. We will be back!"

   Jeff and Lynda Johnson, Moscow ID

(On Scuba Diving) "... The sheer rock walls that fall into the sea and create countless caves and formations reminds me of the Algarve in Portugal. The diving is as good as I have seen in the Caribbean, and the incredible white sand beaches and crystal blue water out shines any I have seen in Greece or the Mediterranean."

   Robert Hefner, Developer, Discovery Bay CA

"Jonathan, once again you have put together a great trip for the guys... I'll get in touch with you for next year for a family trip with the wives and kids..."

   Jim La Rue, Fireman, Lancaster CA

"I had my 14-year-old grandson with me and he and I reeled in dorado, also a few big ones, until about 11:30 a.m. in the morning and we were done!"


   Joe Pearson, Sandy UT

(On Flyfishing) "...I did manage to get ONE, just one, cast with my flyrod (I had to try) ...that's all it took to hook a good-sized dorado."

   Todd Rudaitis, Team Striper Professional, Tustin CA

"Jonathan is by far the best natural fisherman I have ever fished with and knows all the tricks."

   Aaron Horton, West Hollywood CA

"Jonathan, you rock. We always have a kick fishing and diving with you in La Paz"

   Dr. Mike Troucher, Chandler AZ

"I need to thank you once again... My guys loved it, nobody talked about work once (except for Ray and we told him to shut up, but he is getting old. ) Mike want to sell his house in Idaho ... John wants to partner up with somebody to buy a place also and Jim booth still talks about buying a place down there. Truly I got calls from most everybody today and yesterday and they all want to go back a.s.a.p. But I do have to say they all respected you so much and held you in such high regard you don't here that kind of talk about people all that often, keep up the great work."

   Chris Silva, President Mortage Banker, Riverside CA

"Jonathon Roldan is the hardest working fishing guide/outfitter that I have ever worked with. Don’t let that easy manner/ happy face deceive you, Jon works harder then anyone I have ever encountered in the fishing business and I have fished with the very best from Africa to Argentina and around the world. We ended up filming two fishing shows there because we have way to much good film for just one show."

   Chris Bailey, TV Host of "Chris Bailey's Reel Outdoors"

"I have fished with him and used his services for about 5 years now. Every spring I bring a group of 8-12 friends and neighbors. . . and Jonathan handles everything. When I say he handles everything, I mean it! I would not even consider another vendor because Jonathan has a knack for making me feel as though we are childhood friends. His service is second to none."

   Doug Oclassen, Boulder CO

"Jonathan works his "Island Boy" butt off to make sure everyone has a great time and gets their moneys worth when they sign on for a fishing trip with him."

   Steve Dougherty, Santa Ana CA

"Everyone connected to Tailhunter International works so hard to make sure that you have the time of your life."

   Scott Kendall - Canoga Park CA

(On Whale Watching) "At one point Lauren, my little one, was looking over the edge of the panga and a baby whale surfaced right under her nose ! I had to catch her by the jacket before she leaped out the other side of the boat. It surprised her that it was so close. each trip has left my family with new memories that I hope the kids will always remember."

   Hector Chacon - Arcadia CA

"Thanks again for your help in building great memories."

   Colin Grant - Alpine UT


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